How does DDoS Defend DDoS protection work?

Without the installation of hardware or software, DDoS Defend's DDoS Protection shields websites from network and application level Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Setup is simple: websites are routed through cloud-based DDoS Protection by the adjustment of a single DNS record. Effectively protecting reputation, brand and ensuring online accessibility.

We care about your website security and availability, and go the extra mile to deliver optimization.

Deploy a robust package below or contact a member of our protection team to build a custom defense package.
  • Network Level DDoS Protection

    Before traffic even makes it to your server, it undergoes intense scrubbing (UDP, TCP and ICMP Defense) forwarding clean, legitimate traffic.

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  • Application Level DDoS Protection

    Defense is applied at the application level (Layer 7, HTTP Defense) to prevent unauthorized access and attacks. Learn More

  • Visitor Integrity

    DDoS Defense will perform automatic visitor morality checks for all requests to your website, eliminating threats and attacks.

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  • Hidden Defense

    Hidden Defense provides privacy and anonymity by masking your originating IP address. Hackers will not have access to your actual IP.

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  • Web Exploit Defense

    Web Exploit defense stops, in real time, attacks such as cross-site scripting, SQL injections, robotic evil and malicious exploits.

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  • Spam Eliminator

    Spam is the thing of the past with Spam Eliminator, blocking automatic comment posters, comment spam and related spam nuisances.

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Here are what people are talking about DDoS Defend Website Defense Service.

After being with multiple DDoS protection providers and experiencing nothing but downtime and problems consistently, I almost gave up hope, but thankfully I found DDoS Defend. Since being with them, I have not once had any DDoS related downtime, and it's been nearly a year...~Ryan Anderson

i’ve exhausted many of the DDoS “solutions” out there, but only one has worked great for me: DDoSDefend. Any they are inexpensive for the amount of protection and performance they provide. A++ Service.~Justin Bartlett

  • specifications

  • UDP Filtering
  • TCP Filtering
  • ICMP Filtering
  • HTTP Filtering
  • Visitor Integrity
  • Privacy & Anonymity
  • Spam Eliminator
  • Web Exploit Defense
  • Protected Domains
  • Clean Traffic
  • Attack traffic
  • silver shield

    GOLD shield

    platinum shield

  • Basic Filtration
    Advanced Filtration
    Advanced Filtration
  • 1
  • 500GB
  • Unmetered
  • $65